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For the best temperature control and energy efficiency, order one of our insulated shading systems made with Thinsulate™...

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36 Years

in business!

1980 - 2016



Emails and Letters from our customers...

Thank you so much, the shades in the hot tub room make about a 30% difference in temperature and look beautiful. My cats love it. We have gotten tons of compliments and have given your company to a couple of people on the Island that have the same situation..."

"We LOVE the shades!!!!!  They look great and really help make the room look amazing.  We're still working on making changes to the room as a result and will send pics soon.  Feel free to use us as a reference.  Happy to write a recommendation.  We're so stoked!
Cheers and thanks to everyone at Thermal Designs,
- Cassandra & Jeff

Maverick Surf Shop"

"They look fantastic....I just love them and the installers thought they were the greatest thing ever!   They took pictures when they were done!  Thank you for your assistance its been wonderful!"

"We just received the replacement shade today for our sunroom.   Thank you so very much.   It is perfectly beautiful.  Thanks for standing behind your products as you advertise that you do.  Recently we had so much trouble with a company we used for venetian blinds that we will not be using them again. Not so with yours.   It is refreshing to see high quality workmanship and great service from your company."

"... want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help & service with the design & installation of our thermal shades for our Brady-Built Sunroom.   You were most supportive & helpful with our installation process.  Everything is working well. We are most happy with our thermal window shades..."

"We just received the replacement shade today for our sunroom.   Thank you so very much.   It is perfectly beautiful.  Thanks for standing behind your products as you advertise that you do.  Recently we had so much trouble with a company we used for venetian blinds that we will not be using them again. Not so with yours.   It is refreshing to see high quality workmanship and great service from your company.  
Thank you again..."

"... When my wife started looking, and finally decided on purchasing our sunroom window shades form Thermal Designs, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical. .. When we received the shades, my opinion changed significantly. All eight units were received in perfect condition, well labeled and when I opened the cartons, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the material and workmanship. I also had my doubts about the installation instructions, as I have received some that were very poor. All of the instructions were clear, concise and easy to understand. They even included all of the necessary brackets, screws and even the correct size drill bit. The installation went smoothly and quickly. We are delighted with our shades and I would highly recommend Thermal Designs if you are considering Four Seasons retractable shades. Well done! "

"... We received the blinds and my husband hung them over Christmas break, and we both are in love with them. They fit the windows perfectly and we couldn't be happier. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to getting them to us before Christmas. It is much appreciated! We have MANY more windows in need of blinds, and we plan on ordering them all from you in the future. Thanks again for the business and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Have a Happy New Year!"

"Thank you very much, the blinds arrived wednesday and they look absolutely awesome!!! We should have purchased these long ago, the temperature in the sunroom has dropped tremendously and the air conditioner doesn't run as often. It is such a wonderful room to sit and relax to watch tv in now."

" I wish to thank you for the very efficient way my order was handled and for the crew that prepared it for shipment. Everything worked out to perfection. The dimensions and fit couldn't have been better. They are all up now and look and function perfectly. I also appreciate your congeniality. To me your company seems  highly ethical and  holding to high quality standards."

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"...Just a too brief note of exceeded expectation in WV!  Excellent work.  The kitchen shades are next!  Thanks to all your wonderful and talented people..."

"...The shades are perfect! The color and weight of the shade are exactly how you explained, they look great with the wood trim. I was also impressed with the detailed instructions on installing them and all the supplies that came with them to install.  We were able to install them in just over 4 hours.  I would recommend Thermal Designs to all. You were fast and courtesy and knew your stuff..."

"... wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the shade system. I am so glad we found you on the web.  The shades were great and the installation was very simple. I was a bit nervous about installation,  but went very smooth and straightforward. Looking forward to winter to see how the  shades perform in my passive solar room."

"Hi Isabel, We finally retired and our  #1  project is to install our shades.  Just to keep you up to date, the 1st is almost installed.  Give us 10 more minutes to finish!.  Only five to go.  We are thrilled with the quality and ease of installation.      Will send an email when we are done.."

More testimonials

"...Just wanted to let you know we've had our shades about a month now and we love them.  My husband was delighted at how easy they were to install."

"The shades are in and I really love them! This makes my sunroom totally usable all summer long, despite the 90+ degree days we've been having. 
The larger swatches of material you sent me and your feedback over the phone really helped. The fabric is perfect!   They are extremely easy to open and close, so I don't hesitate to modify the lighting depending on the time of day and temperature. Thanks so much for your help and for this terrific product!"

" Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that the Sun Shades are up!   We think they look totally lovely and gorgeous - and do a great job of reflecting the sun and providing shade and cooler temperatures.
   Also, appreciate getting these in the timeframe promised."

"Well here is my sun room in Guilford, VT and the beautiful shades I purchased from you that were so easy to install. I must admit that I was overly nervous about the installation process, but was  pleasantly surprised to find that I had all six shades installed in about 1.5 hours. I absolutely love how they look and the shade that they provide for me as well as for protecting the furniture in the room. I could not be happier with them. I am so glad that I found you on the internet. Anyone with a sunroom should consider these beautiful as an addition to it. I think they will be as happy as I am with my new shades..."

More testimonials


"...We are thrilled with our new sunroom window shades and couldn't be more pleased with the quality of your product!  You provided us with professional advise and samples of shade material to make the right decision for our

sunroom. We can attest to your prompt follow-up on our sunshades and outstanding service.  The shades were delivered as promised in time and quality. The assembly directions and material were extremely well thought out. Dealing with your company was so easy and pleasant that we can recommend your company highly!"



Solarium Shades - External View Sunroom Shades - Screen fabric in meeting room Insulated solarium shades in dining room.

Solarium Shades * Sunroom Shades

Greenhouse Shades

Four Seasons Greenhouse Blinds  Insulated Solar Shades, Solarium Blinds, Handles for Wand operation, low pitch room. Greenhouse Blinds, screen fabric, motorized.

            Sunroom Screen Shades                        Insulated Solarium Shades        The Perfect Growing Greenhouse Shades

Thermal Designs, Inc. manufactures the highest quality, custom shading systems for any brand of sunroom, solarium or greenhouse room worldwide.

Solarium Shades with Motorized operation   Sunroom shades made with Sunbrella awning material lets light through for a nice glow!   Greenhouse blinds -  with gable end solar shades (screen shades)

Solarium shades with motorized operation      Awning material casts a soft glow           Solar Shades (screen roller shades)

                                                                                                                                         on the gable end window bays


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Thermal Designs will help you create a beautiful and comfortable living space with our solarium, sunroom and greenhouse shades, hand crafted and customized specifically for your room and your needs.

Solarium Blinds * Sunroom Blinds

Call today for information to get you started on pricing, fabric selections or simply to discuss your shading, insulating and privacy options.  We ship anywhere in the United States and all over the world.

Our toll-free number is (866) 442-3485 or e-mail us at Thermal Designs, Inc. using the "Contact Us" button on top of this page.

Thermal Designs shades operate in conjunction with gravity and the pitch of your solarium or sunroom.  They are either manual systems, operated by pull cords or hand held wand, or are motorized systems.

Sunroom Shades in action

Shades with pull cords, for rooms with a steep pitch, use a system of hidden cords and pulleys.  Cords wrap around wall mounted cord cleats, neatly in the corner of the room.  Shades can be pulled individually or together at the same time when cords are bundled together.

Wand Shades offer a simple alternative to pull cords and utilize spring tension rods to hold each shade in place at your desired position.  These shades are operated individually using a handle located near the bottom hem.  When a shade is raised to where the handle gets out of reach, a shade wand is then used against the handle or bottom edge of shade.

Wand shades without spring tension rods are provided for solariums and sunrooms with an extremely low (flat) pitch.Solarium shades with handles for wand operation  Solarium shade with handles for wand operation

      Our sunroom window shades with handles on the bottom hem for wand operation.

Motorized Solarium and Sunroom Shades

Motorized solarium and sunroom window shades are a fun, high-tech system offering great ease of operation.  They are run from either a wall switch or radio frequency remote control, either hand held or wall mounted.  Shades are drawn up and down by the rotation of motor tubes hidden behind the shade pleats at the top of the room.  Motorized shades can also be controlled from other remote devices, such as smart phone apps, when integrated with a modern home automation system (not provided by Thermal Designs).

All of our overhead sunroom shading systems operate via gliders which ride in pre-existing shade tracks imbedded in your room's glazing bars.  When this track is absent, we fabricate decorative add-on track specifically for your installation.  For curved sunrooms and solariums, we pre-bend the track to fit.  Our Add-on Track Solarium Shades use gliders, sewn onto the back edges of the shades, that run inside our custom fitting add-on track.

Sunroom Shade wheel in built-in track                            Solarium Shade Glider - Track Shade in add-on track

                    Pre-existing shade track in a Four                                         Add-on track shade, glider on back of

                    Season Sunroom,and our shade glider                                        shade inside our track.

Maximize energy efficiency and temperature control.  Order your shades with insulating Thinsulate™.  This insulation layer inside each shade pleat will work to keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing your heating and cooling costs.  If your solarium is heated or air conditioned, we've found our insulated shades to be amazingly helpful in comfort and cost.  Enjoy your room all year long!

Motorized, Add-on Track solarium shades, with temperature readings...

Motorized add-on track shade system

... Temperature readings are at tile floor, 1st without shades, then with shades installed and

these shades are NOT made with Thinsulate.

  Temerature reading with no shades, 93.1 degrees F    Temerature reading with shades installed, 75.6 degrees F   

Preserve your sunroom's beautiful finishes and furnishings.  The direct sun has a serious negative impact on furnishings, carpeting, woodwork, art and just about everything else you have in your sunroom or solarium.  Our shading systems give you great protection from the sun's power of fading and erosion and allows you full control over how much sunshine you let in.

Our solarium and sunroom shades are available in a variety of durable, moisture-proof fabrics, textures, weaves and attractive fade-resistant designer colors. The choice of fabrics gives you the ability to control the amount of privacy, degree of transparency, heat reflectivity or retention.

  Thermal Designs solarium blinds, living room solarium photo.   Thermal Designs insulated solar shades in dining room solarium photo.

   Insulated Solarium shades.                                   and Greenhouse shades by Thermal Designs.

Screen fabrics, ideal for allowing visibility to the outdoors and optimal reduction of the sun's rays at the same time, are available in numerous colors and offer several light blocking densities.  Our screen shades also provide a great environment for greenhouse gardening with sensitive plants.

Screen solarium shades, comfort without the heat.  Screen shades for trhe growing greenhouse with orchids.

Screen shades offer plenty of sun without the heat                   Screen shades for the growing greenhouse room.

Thermal Designs Solar Shades are screen roller shades for vertical windows, require no track and are operated by bead chain clutch or motorization.

Shades for the Gable end windows and doors are also available.  Each window or door of the gable end can have its own shade that conforms to the roof line in curved or straight eave areas.

Solarium blinds and sunroom blinds for the gable end windows

    Solarium blinds and Sunroom blinds for the gable end.

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Visit our photo gallery to view examples of some of our customers' sunroom shade installations.

Solarium Blinds * Sunroom Blinds * Greenhouse Blinds   * Solar Shades *

The table below gives an example of the fabrics we offer with the amount of light block they provide and the shade application for them.

We'll send you swatch samples to help you with your fabric selection!

Fabric Selection
Light block
# of colors

Indoor/Outdoor Acrylics by Sunbrella
(with Energy Shield backing, can be insulated with Thinsulate)


Awning and Marine Fabrics

by Sunbrella

(fabric only, no Energy Shield, no Thinsulate)


Sheerweave 4000 Series by Phifer

(4000, 4100, 4400)

90% - 97%
Suntex by Phifer
80% & 90%


An Easy Shade System to Install
Our solarium and greenhouse shades come with all components and installation hardware pre-assembled and clearly labeled to mach our detailed instructioins.  Most of our customers have installed our shades themselves and some have shared their ease of installation experience in their testimonials.

Thermal Designs, Inc. is the recommended manufacturer of solarium and sunroom window shades by Four Seasons Sunrooms of Holbrook, New York, Sunshine Rooms of Wichita, Kansas, Global Solarium of Vancouver, Washington and C-Thru Sunrooms of Corona, California.

Experience, innovative design and dedication to exceptional service and quality secures Thermal Designs' position at the top of the solarium and sunroom shade industry.

Here at Thermal Designs, Inc. we are always working to improve our product to bring you shading systems that provide optimum control of privacy and comfort.

All of our solarium and sunroom shades are custom made to your specifications, are thermally protective, maintenance free and will fulfill your home and business needs with lasting value.  They are designed and manufactured exclusively in our shop in Boulder, Colorado by our experienced staff of skilled professionals.

Thank you for considering our shading system products!

Mortorized solar shades or greenhouse shades  Four Seasons Greenhouse Shades with Pull Cord Operation

Motorized greenhouse shades, straight eave room.  Four Seasons Greenhouse Shades with pull cords.


Before and after installation of our sunroom shades

(in a Rooms With A View brand sunroom):

  Original Shading Concepts brand shades, before Thermal Designs greenhouse shades/blinds. After installation of new Thermal Designs greenhouse shades/blinds

    1: Shading Concepts shades in a                       2: Thermal Designs insulated sunroom shades

         Rooms with a View sunroom


Solarium, Sunroom and Greenhouse Shades by Thermal Designs, Inc. are

Made In the USA.

We're a small, family owned and operated company, making your solarium shades and blinds locally and exclusively in our shop here in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Thermal Designs, Inc.
1880 S. Flatiron Ct., Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301

(866) 442-3485

(303) 442-3485

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